About me

I love sound and music. 

I passionately play, create, produce and collect music. 

I equally enjoy working with brands and artists.

Being a sound and music professional for all 

my work-live means living my dream.

Bernhard Thurner Portrait-Foto

As a musician, music producer and recording studio owner I was involved in hundreds of successful projects with all major record companies, music TV shows like “Starmania” and incredible artists as Opus, Falco, Sofa Surfers and Conchita Wurst.
After a successful career and 20+ years of experience as a music & sound professional, I started to intensively build knowledge in the fields of psychoacoustics, music psychology, neuromarketing and sound branding.
My current goal is to decode the complex effects of (architectural) acoustics, music and sound on human aural perception and behavior.
I have developed a concept for the effective increase of acoustic awareness and brand perception by providing and maintaining the right sound atmosphere in brand spaces:

“I believe in the possibility to create a win-win situation for seemingly opposing requirements and desires: We are finally able to increase the economic success of corporations and brands, and simultaneously raise the well-being and quality of experience of employees and customers.”